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Why we like ducted air conditioning for our home

Should you happen to be living in a warm or cold climate, it makes sense to have air conditioning installed in your home. It is more so essential home improvement if you live in the part of the world with extreme weather, very cool in winter and steaming hot in summers. You can look for answers and solutions however when you think about it it’s only cost and benefit. The more you pay for your air conditioner the more benefit or to put it another way, if you want a better unit – no problem, you just have to pay more for one.

We like a comprehensive comfort solution in our home which is why we opted for ducted air conditioning system. This post will not be about the compartment and pros and cons of having one brand like Actron Air versus Fujitsu nor will it be the argument about if ducted a/c is better or not compared to split system air conditioner. In the latter case it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

ducted air conditioningIf you are after a more comprehensive review of air conditioners, we’re certain that has been done many times in the past and we would recommend following page by Australia’s Choice.com.au site here. After some research and we ended up buying our ducted air conditioning fully installed from Frost air.

This will focus more on why we like ducted air conditioning systems and how it can fit your home and not brake the budget. Yes, they are the most expensive a/c systems you can buy however you get the whole home covered this way. Not only that, depending on whether you purchased a 2 zone or 3 or 4 zone unit, in any case you will be able to control different zone areas separately.

Temperature control is done via a wall controller or a remote control. New units like ours – it happens to be Samsung ducted air, has a mobile control enabled where you can schedule, change, turn on or off your air conditioner remotely by using a mobile phone application. This is useful during hot summer months where you can turn the cooling on half hour before you get home. That way you will be welcomed with a cool and dehumidified air.

Reverse cycle – heating and cooling available

Equally in winter, you are able to enjoy a warm and fuzzy feeling during those winter months and feel comfortable in your home thanks to your ducted air unit. Reverse cycle allows you to use your unit as a heater in winter and cooler in summer. Additional bonus is that all modern units use so called inverter technologies and as far as I know, the first air conditioning manufacturer to introduce this advance feature was Daikin air conditioners.

Inverter technology

There is a 2 prong benefit of inverter air conditioning technology. On affects your hip pocket and another one your comfort level. Instead of old way of of turning the compressor unit on and off to regulate temperature, what inverter technology does is that it regulates the speed of your air conditioner and it never switches it off fully but only slow it down when the desired temperature is achieved. This way you don’t get the wild temperature swings.

inverter-technologyThe second benefit is that this way of operation saves energy saving you money. The motor doesn’t have to work at it’s 100% power as it used to be the case where the operation was binary – either on or off.

The name ducted comes from the way these air conditioners are constructed, consisting of the network of ducts and vents that reach every part of your house, bedrooms, living areas and hallways.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Air Conditioning Installation company

Installing air conditioning system in your home is one of the largest investments you can make while performing home improvements. Depending on the type of the system you are installing, it can be almost as involved and costly as renovating your house or building extensions. This is certainly true if you are about to install a DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING system. Regardless of the type of the air conditioner you are procuring, you will want to ensure that the person you hire is up to the job.
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The same is true for larger installations such as the commercial projects for offices, schools, hospitals and other bigger buildings. Whether is at home or office, air conditioning installation is a vital part of every building now days. Circulation of the cool air around the room increases concentration, keeping students and employees alert and productive. It is surely enjoyed by the whole family during those hot summer days.

The reason for having to choose an installation company yourself is that sometimes the air conditioning unit suppliers will not necessarily be installing the system for you. Assuming that you had already selected and bought the unit and are looking for someone to install it for you, I find that the following 4 factors should be an important part of your installation contractor selection process.


As with any trade, hiring a professional contractor to handle this delicate and involves project is paramount. They will need to maintain a high level of professionalism to be able to answer all your questions and concerns relating to your AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION. Being professional also means being reliable and helpful as well as completing the job on budget and in the agreed time frame. Settle for nothing less but someone who will follow up with you to see how happy you are with the job after the completion.

Technical Competency

You will want to make sure that the contractor you end up hiring has necessary skills level when it comes to installing the particular type of air conditioning unit you purchased. You will find that some contracting companies will be well versed in split system installations and not as proficient with larger ducted air conditioning systems. Remember to ask questions including details to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.


Generally you will find that the companies who have been in business for long time are still in business because they are accustomed to providing good service to their customers. With the level competition in most industries including air conditioning companies, unless they provide exceptional service they would have no business. Ask about how many years of experience they have, and to show you some of the jobs they completed as well as some real customer testimonials.


Provided that you are happy with the contractors professionalism, skill and experience it is important to get value for money. It is possible that majority of people wrongly put cost ahead of everything else. Old saying that you get what you pay for is sometimes correct. Check what sort of guarantees you are getting with your air conditioning installation. There may be a good reason why some contractors seem to be much more affordable than others.

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